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Procedures and Instruction

1. Contact the CIPHE-UK direct at, the most suitable route e.g. academic route and technical route will be advised. Application forms and registration fees will be advised by CIPHE-UK at the same time.

2. On receipt of your application for IEng or CEng, your application will be reviewed by the membership team. The application process also includes peer assessment by registered engineers who are members of the CIPHE. They will consider whether or not you have provided sufficient evidence for your application to progress to a Professional Review Interview (PRI). You will be advised if any further evidence is needed.

3. All applicants for IEng or CEng professional registration will be interviewed.

4. The interview is conducted by a panel comprising a minimum of two members of the CIPHE, all of whom will have been provided with a copy of your submission.

5. At the start of the interview you will be asked to make a brief presentation lasting no more than 15 minutes. This should highlight key aspects of the activities in which you have been involved and identify the responsibilities that you have had and competencies you have demonstrated as you have progressed through your career.

6. The interview confirms your overall level of competence as a professional engineer. The interviewers will ask you to expand on the information in your application, particularly where you may not have addressed all of the areas of competence and commitment in your written report as defined in UK-SPEC. The interviewers must be satisfied that evidence for all competency areas has been provided, therefore when preparing for your interview, please consider which examples you can offer for each competency area. You will also be asked questions which relate to the CIPHE Code of Professional Standards which includes reference to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and your commitment to maintaining your own CPD for the future.

7. The overall interview will last approximately one hour and 15 minutes, during which time you will see the interviewers making notes. This is so that they can ensure that all areas of competency have been covered. This is also for your protection and benefit and ensures the process is fair and can be audited effectively.

8. When the interview has been completed, the interviewers will discuss their observations and come to a decision as to whether or not you have demonstrated competence and commitment at the appropriate level. This recommendation is then passed to the membership team which then submits it before the following Election and Enrolment Committee (EEC) for formal approval. Should your application be unsuccessful you will receive a letter advising you about the additional experience or knowledge required. In some cases a different registration category may be recommended.

9. Successful applicants for IEng or CEng will receive a letter to confirm the decision, together with notification of fees which are collected by the CIPHE on behalf of the Engineering Council. Once we have received your payment, which should be within three months, your details will be submitted to the Engineering Council for registration as IEng or CEng. For new IEng/CEng Registrants your registration number will be sent to you by the Engineering Council once the registration process is complete, only upon receipt of your registration number will you be entitled to use the designatory letters IEng or CEng.

10. We will do as much as we can to support you with any aspect of your application, so please get in touch if you need help or advice by emailing